Cherry Blossom Ending
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Jang bum jun

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Anonymous asked: "May I know if they have a schedule between April 2-6?"

As far as i’ve seen they do not have any schedule during those days~

I don’t think there’s any shooting for Island Village Teachers, but I could be wrong. And they’re not on any concert line-ups during that time either it seems~

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The reason @busker_brad only plays drums. Thanks for the cameo brother~ You’re awesome!

The reason @busker_brad only plays drums. Thanks for the cameo brother~ You’re awesome!

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Popular K-pop indie band Busker Busker’s leader, Jang Beom-jun, 24, will tie the knot early next year with his pregnant girlfriend, Song Ji-soo. Song is an actress who turned 20 and made debut last year in an MBC TV’s drama.

“We have good news to tell Busker Busker’s fans. The band’s leader Jang will marry in the spring,” the band’s management agency announced on Monday through its Twitter account. “Jang was supposed to join the military early next year, but he recently postponed it due to his girlfriend’s premarital pregnancy.” 
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Check out ‘pigrabbit studio’ for Hyung Tae’s artworks and more!

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Anonymous asked: "New english Busker Busker cover on YouTube for 잘할걸 /watch?v=o5YPF6u1CdU&feature=share&list=UUEur31dF1GYjUdMBJK_aNow"

Oh, thanks~!! I’ll add it to the Covers page~^^ 

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Pics of Brad Moore on 'Island Village Teachers'


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Cable station tvN premiered a new variety program this week called Island Village Teachers, and it’s noteworthy for featuring entirely foreigners as the main cast, some of whom are probably already familiar to fans of Korean entertainment. Described by some as a mix of travel-reality programs Dad! Where Are We Going? and 1 Night 2 Days, the show places the four members on an island village for a five-day stay, living with locals and teaching grade-school children.

  • Sam Hammington, a 36-year-old from Australia, is already known and well-liked for his appearance on army-themed variety-docu show Real Men.
  • Brad (aka Bradley Ray Moore), is a 29-year-old American who’s one-third of the chart-topping rock band Busker Busker.
  • Abigail Alderete, 26, is from Paraguay and came to Korea in 2005 to study abroad. She was a panelist on 2007′s foreigner variety program Global Talk Show (aka Chat with Beauties, aka Misuda).
  • Sam Ochiri (spelling unconfirmed) is a 24-year-old from Ghana.

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Congrats to Busker Busker for winning Best Band Performance of 2013!

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Brad, we are one and the same creature.

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Best Band Performance - Busker Busker

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